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As a child I grew up in church all my life and I knew of God, but I never really had that deep, intimate relationship with Him. My family was in church every Sunday, but there was always something lacking. Towards the start of my senior year in high school, my family went through a separation. My parents didn’t want to be with each other anymore and that literally tore us apart at the seams. I had a very hard time coping with this since we were always that family that was supposed to stay together. I always took pride raising my hand when the teachers asked, “How many students still live with both parents?” I’ve tried many different ways of trying to cope with it, but nothing ever seemed to work. And I quickly found myself angry with my parents, angry at my siblings, and angry at the world around me. And I always resorted to being secluded in my room and not talking to anyone. Quickly, I was having lustful desires and pride issues that never seemed to go away. I would try to do as many things as I could to cover up these thoughts. I would volunteer at local events and help in local community, but nothing ever satisfied.

It wasn’t until a few months later I stepped foot into a church for the first time. I knew something was lacking, but I had no idea what it was. That day I was introduced to Jesus. I heard that Jesus was the Way, He was the Truth, and He was the Life. But somehow that still did not register in my brain. It took two months after I started to attend this church that I finally gave my life to Christ on June 11, 2016. Then I knew that it was He that renewed me and He that had given me the gift of everlasting life.

From this point I was ready to graduate. I was set on going to UTSA and pursuing a degree in biology to become a doctor. Everything was setup for me to achieve the American Dream and to make money. I knew I was saved, but I wasn’t entirely living for Jesus. My first week on campus I ran into this organization called Chi Alpha, short for Christ Ambassadors (a Christian organization on campus), and so I decided to give this group a try. I met my small group leader there. One of the most selfless people that I have met in my life. He introduced me to Jesus what it meant to have a real relationship with Jesus, and what it meant to have a real devotional life with Jesus. He saw my potential for the Kingdom. Later on in that semester, my small group leader would ask me to go through a class called LTC (Leadership Training Course). That next semester I would find myself listening to a talk about the life of Jesus and how important it was to serve people.

I was also discovering His heart for the lost people around the world. And while discovering his heart, I had the opportunity to go overseas and to serve workers in another country. I now knew that burden that people were talking about that whole semester prior. I now have the honor of being the hands and feet of Jesus on the campus of UTSA and fighting for souls alongside my small group leader and many others. What an honor it is to fight for the souls for the King of Kings.

A famous missionary to Africa once said,

“If a commission by an earthly king is considered an honor, how can a commission by the King of Kings be considered a sacrifice?”

What an honor it is to make disciples among the students at UTSA and what an honor it is to be about our father’s business. Let us all make the last words of Jesus our first priority. Let us love and worship Jesus as he deserves. And led us continually bow down in reverence to the King of Kings, for He is worthy and He is good.

Matthew 28:19-20 (NLT)

“Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you. And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

patrick gonzales